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Kormányzati szintű gender mainstreaming képzés

Unofficial title in English: 
Government level gender mainstreaming training

Funding body

PROGRESS programme of the European Union

Aims and objectives

The aim of the training was to provide general information and policy-specific practical knowledge on gender mainstreaming to public administration officials, and to disseminate good examples.

Results and impact

The training projects were successful, a total of 315 civil servants took part in the two training series and the training material is still available online.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Department for Gender Equality, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour


The "Government level gender mainstreaming training" was the project of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour funded by the PROGRESS programme of the European Union. It aimed to train public adminstration officials on gender equality, gender mainstreaming and to show them how to incorporate the gender perspective in their specific policy area. It focused on the New Hungary Development Plan's Operational Programmes, but beside public servants from the National Development Agency some ministries also took part in the training sessions. The project included a series of training and the preparation and publishing of training material: a general manual on gender mainstreaming and eight workbooks on each policy area. A second PROGRESS project called "Balance: values, interests and opportunities" continued the training sessions for local governments, regional development agencies and local equal opportunity offices.