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Mainstreaming gender perspective into state budget

Sootundlik eelarvestamine

Aims and objectives

The aim of the project was the transfer of knowledge and skills to the representatives of ministries, involved in budget making, on how to integrate the principle of gender equality into state budget planning, its composition and execution, and therefore make the use of the state money more transparent and effective.

Results and impact

A council of experts on gender budgeting was formed from the officials who took part in the trainings during the project. The experts of the council were tasked to share the information of gender budgeting in their respective organisations and to provide consultations on gender budgeting in the future.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

The Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner


The activities of the project consisted of distribution of questionnaires in the ministries. The idea was to compile the guidelines of gender budgeting and a topical calendar. In addition, the officials of the ministries were subjected to four training cycles, which shared the information on gender equality, gender mainstreaming, analysis of gender influence, the methods and applications of gender budgeting.