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Priorita 5: Druhy a počty statistik týkajících se postavení žen a mužů v rozhodujících společenských aktivitách a míra jejich podílu na těchto aktivitách.

Unofficial title in English: 
Priority 5: Types and numbers of statistics concerning the position of women and men in major social activities and the degree of their contribution to these activities.

Funding body

Czech Statistics Office

Aims and objectives

The aim is to ensure regular collection of sex disaggregated statistics on the national level in various areas of social life.

Results and impact

Regular publications (Ženy a muži v datech, Zaostřeno na muže a ženy) and website - see Resources

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Czech Statistics Office



The Czech Statistics Office publishes regular publications on women and men in the Czech Republic in various areas of social life based on an Priority contained in the Priorities and Policies.

Additional information

Duration: ongoing-2013

Periodicity: annual