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Jednací řád vlády

Unofficial title in English: 
Rules of Procedure of the Government

Funding body


Aims and objectives

The aim is to ensure that any legislative and non-legislative document debated by the government contain an assessment of the proposed document in terms of its impact on the equality of women and men, provided that the document concerns physical persons.

Results and impact

The method is applied purely formally; ministries do not perform gender mainstreaming of their documents submitted to the government for approval. As is clear from the statement of a representative of the state mechanism, the Gender Equality Unit does not expect at this moment that gender focal points would perform GM.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

all materials submitted to the government


The assessment of the integration of the dimension of equal opportunities is done formally, through a declaration at the end of documents stating that the submitted material does not have any impact in terms of equal opportunities for women and men.

Additional information

Duration: since 2004