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The Statistical Portrait of Women in Cyprus, 2012

Το Στατιστικό Πορτραίτο της Γυναίκας της Κύπρου, 2012

Funding body

The publication was funded by the Ministry of Finance budget.

Aims and objectives

The purpose of the publication is to highlight the progress as well the challenges and weaknesses that continue to exist in relation to the position of women in the Cypriot society.

Results and impact

Every two years a publication is issued to review the data provided in the previous publication.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

The Statistical Service of Cyprus, Ministry of Finance



The publication portrays the past and current status of women in Cypriot society by presenting statistical information on a wide range of topics. It presents a comprehensive portrait of women in Cyprus including their demographic profile, educational attainment, labour force characteristics, health, participation in public life, poverty level, crime and violence.

The data in this publication has largely been extracted from various publications issued by the Statistical Service of Cyprus, such as the Demographic Report, Census of Population, Education Statistics, Labour Force Survey, Health and Hospital Statistics, Survey on Income and Living Conditions, Research and Development Statistics and Criminal Statistics. The data referring to violence have been provided by the Police, the Social Welfare Services and the Ministry of Education.

Additional information

Periodicity: The said publication is reviewed every two years. The last one was in 2008.