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In 2003, in preparation for EU membership, the Act on Equal Treatment and the Promotion of Equality of Opportunities was adopted. This act set up a framework for the fight against discrimination and, in accordance with EU directives, established the Equal Treatment Authority to monitor the execution of legislation.

Access to EU Structural Funds led to the incorporation of gender equality in the New Hungary Development Plan for the period 2007–2013. This plan identifies gender equality as a horizontal principle and sets out specific programmes and measures targeting women and gender issues; it also specifies gender mainstreaming as a mechanism to be incorporated into all levels and stages of the programming process, including planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

In 2010, the first long-term National Strategy for the Promotion of Gender Equality (2010–2021) provided for gender-mainstreaming measures in policymaking, including national administration, capacity-building, gender budgeting and statistics. It also defined mechanisms for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of gender mainstreaming, even though no monitoring or evaluation reports were prepared for its first period. A first Action Plan was adopted for 2010–2011, but no other has followed for the time being. The government plans to revise the strategy and adopt a new version.

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