Description of the contract

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) envisages awarding a low-value contract for the implementation of a preparatory work on gender-responsive evaluation.

Description of the requested services

As a gender mainstreaming method, gender-responsive evaluation seeks to ensure that gender equality considerations are integrated in the planning, implementation and outcomes of interventions.

Carrying out an evaluation from a gender perspective involves an assessment aimed at independently measuring progress towards achieving intended gender-related objectives and goals set out in policies, programmes and projects, and evaluating from a gender perspective relevant processes, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts.

The adoption of a gender-responsive approach to evaluation contributes to the design of better and more transparent interventions that adequately respond to the different needs and priorities of women and men, in all their diversity, contribute to a more efficient allocation of resources and ultimately lead to more gender-equal results. 

The interconnectedness and indivisibility of the European Commission’s priorities, the Recovery plan for Europe, the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, the 2030 Agenda and the (post)-pandemic realities in which women and men, in all their diversity, live, require to deepen the understanding and develop new ways of thinking the connections between gender equality and environment and climate action.

The overall aim of this contract is to contribute to EIGE’s preparatory work towards a more effective and sustainable implementation of gender-responsive evaluation as a tool for gender mainstreaming in the European Union. It shall contribute to the conceptualisation of forthcoming EIGE´s project in this area.

The expected outputs of the study are:

  • Output 1.- Expanded knowledge of the EU evaluation policy regulation or framework (content, context, processes and actors) as to help defining further steps to promote a more systematic application of gender-responsive evaluation in the EU.
  • Output 2.- Existing information on the state of play of the work on gender-responsive evaluation (institutionalisation and approaches) at EU and EU Member States levels gathered and assessed.
  • Output 3.- Approaches and practices considering the effects of the environment and climate action (mitigation and adaptation to climate change) in gender-responsive evaluation systematised, and entry points to consider the dimension of the environment and climate action in gender-responsive evaluation proposed.

Description of the procedure

This ex-ante publicity is the first stage of the negotiated procurement procedure through which EIGE may award the above-mentioned contract.

All parties interested in providing the services described above should express their interest 400 words maximum, by e-mail, to with the subject reference: EIGE/2021/OPER/12, before 19 August 2021, 12:00 Vilnius time.

Economic operators who do not express their interest before the deadline and to the address above will not be invited to submit an offer. The latter restriction will not apply to the minimum of three economic operators directly invited by EIGE.

Tender documents will be sent by e-mail.

This publication constitutes no obligation for EIGE to launch the mentioned procurement procedure.

We look forward to receiving your declaration of interest.