The overall purpose of the study is to gather information and evidence for strengthening the mainstreaming of gender equality into a few selected European Union policies and subsequent national policies. This study is set out to enable engagement of the European Commission and EU Member States in a systematic reflection on ways to increase their institutional capacity and to effectively mainstream a gender equality dimension in a specific policy area.

It will map out the institutional capacity to effectively mainstream gender equality in a variety of policy sectors and at all stages of the policy and project cycle across the EU. Simultaneously the study will analyse and summarise the achievements the European Commission and the EU Member States have made so far in using gender impact assessment as a tool for mainstreaming gender equality in a specific policy area.

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Due to the late arrival of an offer, the 2nd opening will take place on 27.10.2012 , at 15:00 EET, at EIGE premises: Svitrigailos g., 11M, Vilnius, Lithuania.

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