The tender is divided into two LOTS as follows:

  • LOT 1: Provision of services offered by a Medical Advisor
  • LOT 2: Provision of services offered by a Medical Centre


At the request of the tenderer, EIGE may provide additional information solely for the purpose of clarifying the nature of the contract. Any additional information including that referred to above will be published on this website. Requests for additional information will not be processed if received less than five working days before the closing date for submission of tenders.

Relevant Documents:

Contract Notice (.pdf, 156KB) - Contract Notice in TED

Invitation to tender (.pdf, 696KB)

Tender Specifications (.pdf, 418KB)

Standard submission forms (.doc, 394KB)

Draft framework service contract (.pdf, 234KB)

EIGE Official public holidays for 2011 (.pdf, 68.1KB)