• Gender equality and youth: opportunities and risks of digitalisation – Main report

    EIGE’s research shows the many ways digital technologies are benefiting young people in access to learning, friendship, information and actions for social change. It also shows that aggressive behaviour online is anticipated and normalised. For the EU to harness the potential of digital technologies for youth mobilisation, diminishing the power of gender stereotypes online and promoting the diversity of voices...

  • There is no democracy without women

    Director Carlien Scheele presented the agency’s toolkit for gender sensitive parliaments to the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Paris on 18 March 2024.

  • Today’s choices are tomorrow’s consequences

    In an informal meeting with European Gender Equality Ministers on 27 February 2024 under the Belgian Presidency, Director Carlien Scheele presented a vision of what gender equality could look like in 2030 – if we already put ourselves there.

  • Looking to the future of gender equality: emerging priorities issues

    Delivering the first outcomes of EIGE’s Strategic Foresight workshops to the European Commission and Member States, Director Carlien Scheele participated at the Meeting of the High-Level Group on Gender Mainstreaming in Brussels on 29 January as part of the Belgian Presidency.

  • EU gender equality reaches new milestone: is progress accelerating?

    Ten years ago, EIGE introduced the Gender Equality Index as a marker for the status quo of gender equality in the EU. In this year’s edition we see the biggest annual jump in the overall score in the history of the Index ever.

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  • Gender Equality Index 2023: Towards a green transition in transport and energy

    The Gender Equality Index 2023 presents the EU in relation to gender equality amid crises and uncertainties. In recent years, the world has been hit by repeated shocks and multiple crises. What remains constant is the fact that when crisis strikes, women and girls suffer disproportionally. The crises and shocks continuously threaten to create new challenges and reverse years of...

  • Women platform workers face challenges balancing unpaid care with work, despite so-called flexibility

    Increasing digitalisation has led to a proliferation of so-called "platform work" whereby workers use online platforms (e.g. Uber, Wolt, Bolt) to access clients to deliver specific tasks or services. Such platforms can be seen to offer flexibility regarding when, how much and where one works. And this can contribute to gender equality through enabling a better work-life balance. For example...

  • Characteristics and income of platform workers with childcare responsibilities

    Increasing digitalisation has led to a proliferation of so-called "platform work" whereby workers use online platforms (e.g. Uber, Wolt, Bolt) to access clients to deliver specific tasks or services. This note explores some of the characteristics of platform work for those with childcare responsibilities. Furthermore, it investigates gender differences for those carers who live with children in a couple or...

  • Gender differences in motivation to engage in platform work

    Platform work together with other new forms of employment are gaining ground in the European labour market. Although the share of women platform workers has been rising in recent years, they remain under-represented in platform work. Women are more likely to engage in platform work to gain an additional income and to have flexibility with the specific aim of combining...

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  • Platform work: Has flexibility become a cover story?

    The platform work economy comes with great strengths. The ability to work where you want and how you want is a significant motivator for people who have grown tired of the 9-5 rigidity and seek more diversity in their career path.

    A vector image depicting a woman sitting by a computer with thought bubbles representing different life obligations around her