Quality administrative data that are available and comparable are key to understanding the scale of intimate partner violence in the EU and monitoring progress in tackling it. Administrative data measure the response of governmental agencies (such as the police and justice sectors) to intimate partner violence, and their capacity to protect victims, prevent further violence and prosecute the perpetrators. 

Data are critical in influencing evidence-based measures and targeted responses to violence against women and thereby improving the implementation of policies at national level. Administrative data can also be used to estimate the administrative cost of intimate partner violence, which both allows institutions to plan for their financial and staffing needs, and underpins awareness-raising and lobbying efforts. Comparable data at the EU level will allow for effective monitoring of the implementation of international legislation and policies, and thus evaluate the impact of the regulatory framework.

This study focuses on reported incidents of intimate partner violence against women, recorded and processed in the police and justice sectors. The findings of the study are presented in two reports. The current technical report provides an in-depth analysis of the availability and comparability of data at Member State level, based on several phases of information collection using a mixed-method approach.