Promoting gender equality through public procurement

This practical toolkit to implement gender-responsive public procurement (GRPP) across the different stages of the procurement cycle is designed for contracting authorities at all levels, including EU institutions, bodies and agencies. It will also support policymakers and practi­tioners working towards gender equality and gender mainstreaming.

GRPP is procurement that promotes gender equality through the purchase of works, supplies or services by public sector bodies. This means that buyers and suppliers look at the impact of all of the contracted activities related to women’s and men’s interests and concerns and design and deliver contracts in a way that reduces gender inequalities.

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Public procurement accounts for a major part of the European economy. Every year, public authorities in the EU spend around 14 % of gross domestic product (GDP) on public procurement. GRPP can, as a gender equality measure, lead to an increase in the productive capacity of the economy and better value for money.

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This section looks at the different stages of the procurement cycle. You will find practical guidance on how to include gender considerations at each step of the procurement cycle. Guidance is coupled with national examples on the use of GRPP and practical tools.