Effective monitoring and reporting systems on the use of GRPP are in place

Clear measures for monitoring and impact assessment are key to the successful development of the use of GRPP. This is important for identifying obstacles to and opportunities for GRPP, and to progressively increase levels of ambition. Effective monitoring and reporting require clear and simple indicators, such as the number of staff receiving training in gender issues relevant to the contract; targets for recruitment and promotion to achieve gender balance in the team performing the contract; and targets to reduce the gender pay gap under the contract. Where possible, these targets/indicators should be directly linked to organisational, national/regional or even international policy commitments on gender equality.

For more guidance, see "Monitoring" and "Reporting".

How to act

Develop context-specific indicators for GRPP that are linked to broader policy commitments on gender equality.

Decide on realistic but ambitious targets to be met during the period of the contract or framework agreement.

Introduce contractual requirements for the contractor to monitor/report on the implementation of GRPP conditions and set consequences for the failure to meet targets.