• Interface3

    Promoting women’s participation in ICT (Belgium)

  • Cooks Without Homes

    Cooks without homes as an upside down charity (Czech Republic)

  • Gender Impact Assessment: Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit

    The principle of gender mainstreaming consists of taking systematic account of the differences between the conditions, situations and needs of women and men in all Community policies and actions. The gender impact assessment is one of the methods for gender mainstreaming. It should be used in the very early stage of any policymaking, i.e. when designing it. The aim is...

  • Poverty, gender and lone parents in the EU

    Review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action Almost one in four people in the EU lives at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Lone parents are especially vulnerable compared to the general EU population. Almost half (48%) of lone mothers and a third (32%) of lone fathers are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Women in...

  • Effective gender equality training: analysing the preconditions and success factors - Synthesis report

    This publication presents the final report of the in‑depth study conducted in the second year of the European Institute for Gender Equality’s project on gender equality training. It examines the issue of the effectiveness of gender equality training in supporting the implementation of gender mainstreaming. Interactive gender equality training tool Database of resources on gender equality training

  • No more excuses to ignore gender concerns – use our guide!

    Does gender equality feature in your work? Whether you work in fisheries, transport or any other area of the society, it should always be there! With EIGE’s new platform, there are no more excuses to ignore gender concerns. We show you how to mainstream gender, tailor-made for your field. “EIGE’s Gender Mainstreaming Platform presents the different challenges for gender equality...

  • Gender mainstreaming platform – leaflet

    What does gender mainstreaming have to do with…Sport? Agriculture? Energy? Transport? Gender gaps and inequalities between women and men exist across all areas of society and impact on our daily lives – in classrooms, on the sports field and on public transport. This leaflet provides a basic introduction to what gender mainstreaming is and how it works. It also contains...