Step 6: Highlight benefits and celebrate early wins

The benefits of gender equality and work-life balance measures are reaped by both the organisation and the employees, and can be both financial and non-financial. Financial impact can be measured in terms of reduced costs (reduced absenteeism and reduced turnover and recruitment costs) or increased revenues (more engaged, productive, and creative employees). Indirect financial benefits may include improvements in employer brand perception, customer satisfaction, and increase in the number of applications from desirable candidates).

Sex-segregated data is key to measuring how work-life balance measures will affect different groups. This is crucial to avoid financial gender-based discrimination or gender-unequal access to resources.

As with any new initiative, a degree of disruption to business as usual can be expected in the early stages of implementation. Staff will have to learn new skills, such as managing their work by output rather than time spent on tasks, and enforcing boundaries to prevent work overspill. There may be a strong temptation to fall back on the old ways of working, particularly when the pressure is high. This is why continuous communication about the new measures is key. Celebrating early successes and keeping communication transparent is highly recommended as a way of maintaining motivation. Positive outcomes of the new measures, such as reduced absenteeism, should be shared with staff.