Research organisations and universities need to make a number of changes to the way they operate if they are to make gender equality a reality. In cooperation with the European Commission, EIGE has started a project that gives clear methodological guidelines on how to implement such institutional changes.

Reassessing recruitment processes, work-life balance initiatives, career development plans, decision-making approaches and harassment policies from a gender perspective is a good way to start. These changes will lead to a more gender-aware organisational culture and working environment, ultimately enhancing gender equality in the area of Research and Innovation.

The multi-faceted project, due for completion in September 2016, is part of EIGE’s broader programme on gender mainstreaming. It is grounded in an in-depth study which analyses existing instruments that support gender-sensitive changes in decision-making processes, organisational practices, human resources management and the overall working environment in this field.

An integral part of the project is the development of an online tool, which will be developed in cooperation with DG Research and Innovation. It will give practical guidance on how to set-up and implement gender equality plans in research institutions. The online tool will also provide a set of good practices on the topic, identified in cooperation with key stakeholders.

The project will support the achievement of EU policy objectives, in particular the European Research Area Roadmap 2015-2020 and Horizon 2020, as well as EU Directives on gender equality in the labour market.


Maurizio Mosca
Gender Expert – Labour Market

Barbara Limanowska
Senior Gender Mainstreaming Expert