On the World Environment Day EIGE launched the full version of the “Review of the Implementation in the EU of area K of the Beijing Platform for Action: Women and the Environment. Gender Equality and Climate Change” report.

The report was developed in close cooperation with the Danish Government, the European Commission and the High Level Group on Gender Mainstreaming.

One of its main focuses is women’s participation in climate change related decision making in public sector at the national, EU and international levels and segmentation of tertiary education by gender in scientific and technical fields.

The report shows that women are hit harder by the effects of climate change but they hold only about one fourth of decision-making positions related to climate change in the public sector in the EU. EIGE highlights that gender approach must be integrated into climate change policies and actions to respond to climate change efficiently.

EIGE’s report introduces the first EU indicators on gender equality and climate change to support the policy makers in enhancing equality and improving the climate change policies.