• Regional Coordination Meeting of EU candidate countries and potential candidates

    Representatives from the governments, EU delegations and civil society from the EU candidate countries and a potential candidate will gather for the 15th meeting of the established EIGE’s Regional Coordination Platform for Gender Equality Action in the Western Balkans and Türkiye. The presentations and discussions will focus on bridging gender equality and the green agenda in the region. EIGE also marks the 10+ years anniversary of cooperation with EU pre-accession countries, thus partners and meeting participants will reflect on the achievements so far.

  • 23rd meeting of the Council of Europe Gender Equality Commission (GEC)

    EIGE is an observer in the GEC and will exchange information on relevant projects and possibilities for cooperation, particularly in the areas of GBV and political decision-making. At this session, the members will discuss the draft Gender Equality Strategy 2024-2029.

  • Gender Equality and Violence Against Women: Perspectives from the EU and the Eastern Partnership Countries

    EIGE, in collaboration with the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU (The Swedish Embassy in Vilnius), the Lithuanian CSO Centre for Equality Advancement, and the Lithuanian Parliament is organising a conference on the pressing topic of violence against women in times of crisis and conflict, with a focus on EU and Eastern Partnership countries.

  • Train the trainers session, VAW-II Survey

    EIGE together with the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) is conducting the joint VAW-II Survey in the 8 Member States that are not part of the EU-GBV survey. EIGE and FRA will attend the train the trainers session with the contractors and national researchers to ensure that the goals of the survey are clear and that the ethical and the ‘First, do no harm’ principles are fully implemented.

  • 42nd Meeting of the FRA Management Board

    EIGE Director participates at the 42nd FRA (Fundamental Rights Agency) Management Board meeting and holds bilateral meetings with the Director of the ELA (European Labour Authority).

  • Steering Committee meeting regarding FRA's project on "Violence and related human rights abuses against women fleeing the war in Ukraine"

    The Fundamental Rights Agency will carry out a survey data collection and in-depth interviews in three countries on violence and related human rights abuses against women fleeing the war in Ukraine. EIGE has been appointed as a member of the Steering Committee (SC). The members of the SC will learn from and provide input to the envisaged activities within the scope of the project.

  • Hybrid workshop on “Data to Impact: How can data reinvigorate progress on gender equality?"

    The event will aim to bring together gender and data specialists from the European Commission, EU development partners, and UN Women for an interactive dialogue to explore how data can be used as an important tool to reinvigorate progress on gender equality and the implementation of the EU Gender Action Plan III. It will also showcase how UN Women is scaling up data-driven action through its signature initiative on gender data “Women Count”.

  • UNECE session on Gender Statistics – Workshop and Group of Experts on Gender Statistics

    Ligia Nobrega is to take part in the session on ‘New data sources and emerging issues’ with a presentation of Quality considerations for EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database supported by an accepted paper. EIGE’s representative will be a discussant on the panel Gender and Digital Divide and will be a speaker in the panel on Measuring Violence Against Women led by UN Women, in order to share EIGE’s plans to tackle Cyberviolence challenges.

  • State of the Union 2023: Building Europe in Times of Uncertainty

    Joining a panel of experts for the session on 'De-democratisation and opposition to gender equality politics in Europe , EIGE's Director, Carlien Scheele, will weigh in on ways to avoid and move forward from democractic backsliding. In spite of the EU´s constitutional commitment to gender equality and mainstreaming, over the last decade, several EU member states have experienced growth of far-right parties with an explicit anti-gender, anti-feminist and/or homo-transphobic component, with spill-over effects on more mainstream parties and politics which have rolled back on their commitment to gender equality and democratic values.

  • Experts meeting of EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database & Consultation meeting on administrative data collection on Violence Against Women

    The need to produce and share EU-wide, comparable, reliable gender statistics and indicators has been highlighted by the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission and is part of a significant political commitment to gender equality and gender mainstreaming at the international level. Aiming to address persistent challenges of gender-based violence statistics EIGE has been building statistical capacity at the EU level on specific forms of violence against women.

  • Experts’ meeting of EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database and Consultation on administrative data collection on Intimate Partner Violence

    Ligia Nobrega, Cristina Fabre, and Diogo Costa will be leading the Experts’ meeting of EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database hosting 3 main topics: Gender Statistics Database’s Quality Criteria & Intersectionality; Women and Men in Decision Making; Gender-based Violence; In addition, a consultation meeting on administrative data collection on Intimate Partner Violence will be hosted in preparation for the new data collection exercise on EIGE's 13 indicators of Intimate Partner Violence.