The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) invites you to participate to the online discussion “Enhancing EIGE’s partnership with academia, civil society and media”, taking place on November 19th9.00 am – 3.00 pm CET1 on EuroGender platform.

EIGE offers a variety of tools for specialist and general audiences: harmonised gender statistics, an EU Gender Equality Index, for the Beijing Platform for Action Reports, tools for fighting gender-based violence, a gender mainstreaming platform and more than 500.000 gender equality resources online. Cooperation with gender equality stakeholders is the key to increasing the visibility and use of these tools. More so, it is essential to ensure they correspond to the needs of the engaged gender equality stakeholders and are used to advance their research, gender equality advocacy and journalism.

Thus, EIGE invites academics, experts from civil society organizations and journalists to join the discussion and identify best ways of cooperation, detect effective communication tools and channels, and discuss new modes of engagement.

This Online Discussion will support the development of EIGE’s Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Strategy. Specific questions to be raised during the event are listed within the Agenda that you can find enclosed. 

If you are already a registered member of EuroGender, click on 19 November on EuroGender Calendar and Join the eventIf you are not, please click here to register. While filling in the registration form, please note that only fields marked with * are compulsory.

Registration on the day of the event is not possible, therefore please access the online discussion page directly. Click here to access the online discussion page and post your comments.


1- Members of EIGE Communications Team will be online facilitating the online discussion during 9 am - 3pm. You are invited to join us during the  event as much as your agenda allows  or post a comment afterwards. The page of the online disucssion will remain open for your comments the entire day.