The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) invites you to participate to the online discussion “EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database – Section on Violence ”, taking place on EuroGender,  May 28th, 9.00 - 3.00pm CET/ 10 - 4pm EET.

EIGE has been developing and collecting several gender statistics datasets, which - at this stage of the project  - are being consolidated into a unique database on gender statistics. Its visual solution is under finalisation and will be ready for the launch in autumn this year.

Within EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database, the section on violence raises several challenges due to limited data and absence of harmonized concepts.

Thus, EIGE’s team on gender statistics invites statisticians, gender-based violence experts and all possible users of gender statistics to join the online discussion and explore together solutions for overcoming challenges raised by the section on violence. Specific questions will be raised within the agenda of the event, soon to be published on EuroGender.

If you are already a registered member of  EuroGender, click on 28 May on EuroGender Calendar and Join the event.  If not, please click here to register1.

Please access the online discussion page, agenda and background information here!



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