Gender based violence affects all aspects of a woman’s life and her surroundings. As one of the main pillars of society, companies have a great power to support and influence people’s lives, and at the same time they benefit from happy employees.

With 5 europeans partners, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ think & do tank has led the project CARVE -Companies Against gendeR ViolencE which aims to elaborate a european guide of good pratices to encourage companies to end violence against women.

After leading interviews with relevant stakeholders, PLS will present the results of its national study!

The event will be held in French. Lunch and coffee breaks offered!

27th of october 2015

From 9am to 2pm

Conseil central de l'économie, Av. d'Auderghem 20, 1040 Brussels               


Further information in French:




Le 27 octobre 2015, de 09h00 à 14h00, PLS rendra publiques les conclusions du rapport belge élaboré dans le cadre du projet européen CARVE, visant à lutter contre les violences à l'égard des femmes et à sensibiliser aux pratiques innovantes mises en place par les entreprises. - See more at:…