Gender Action Plans: getting them right and making them happen
November 5, 2019 – Trinity College Dublin
Facilitator: Maxime Forest

Gender action plans are a core aspect of the higher education landscape in Ireland today, they form a key part of the Athena Swan application process and related assessment. However, drafting and devising an effective and robust gender action plan can be a challenge. A workshop, delivered as part of the H2020 Gender Equality Academy, will take place in Dublin to explore overcoming potential challenges and the core features of successful gender action plans. Mutual learning between workshop participants and expert guidance from the workshop facilitator will provide attendees with a practical space to explore, learn and share. This important workshop gives a unique opportunity to cultivate approaches for overcoming challenges related to developing and implementing gender action plans guided by one of the leading gender experts in Europe, Dr Maxime Forest. 

Dr Forest’s recent work includes the roles of Scientific Coordinator on the FP7 EGERA Project, Advisor on gender equality issues for the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education and is an appointed member of the High Gender Equality Council which advises the French Prime Minister on gender issues and he is involved with three successful Horizon2020 research projects, all focused on gender and academia.

This free workshop will take place in Dublin City centre in Europe House, 12-14 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2 on Tuesday 5th November 2019. The workshop will be of interest to anyone preparing or assessing gender action plans in particular Athena SWAN SAT members, staff in equality and diversity roles, HR staff and all those involved with gender equality measures in academia. Registration is essential.

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This workshop is organised in cooperation with the Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership, Trinity College Dublin.