We are inviting you to the first international conference on sexual violence in Croatia, called System of Public Policies and Support for Victims of Sexual Violencewhich will take place on 23rd of October 2015 in Zagreb.

The conference will be held in Croatian Parliament.

The conference is organized by Women’s Room – Center for Sexual Rights, as a part of the EU project PROGRESS –My Voice Against Violence, in partnership with the Governmental Office for Gender Equality of Croatia and civil society organization CESI (Center for Education, Counselling and Research). The conference is co-organized by the Parliamentary Committee for Gender Equality.

The goals of the conference are:

  • Raising awareness about the unacceptability of all forms of violence against women and girls;
  • Informing relevant governmental bodies and institutions about the problem of insufficient support for victims/survivors of sexual violence in Croatia;
  • Improving support-systems for sexual violence victims/survivors through the development and implementation of public policies and necessary services when working with victims/survivors;
  • Establishing and strengthening interdepartmental cooperation of all relevant bodies, institutions and civil society organizations providing support to victims and combating sexual violence.

Topics of the conference are:

  • The importance of providing help and support to victims/survivors of sexual violence;
  • The role of the Protocol of Conduct in Case of Sexual Violence;
  • Examples of good practice in combating sexual violence from European states.



  • Liz Kelly (United Kingdom, London Metropolitan University, Head of the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit)
    „Sexual violence – Where Are We Now: Reflections of a Feminist Researcher and Activist“
  • Catherine Le Magueresse (France, Sorbonne University)
    „Reflections on Ways to End Male Sexual Violence against Women“
  • lepa mladjenovic (Serbia, feminist activist and consultant, Consultations for Lesbians, Belgrade)
    „Feminist Dream: Thousands of Women’s Centers against Rape and the Responsible State“
  • Biljana Branković (Serbia, Independent Researcher, consultant, a member of GREVIO – The Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence)
    „Sexual Violence: Emerging from Oblivion“
  • Maja Mamula (Croatia, Women’s Room – Center for Sexual Rights)
    „To Report or not to Report Sexual Violence: Dilemmas and Experiences in Croatia”
  • Marijana Senjak (Croatia, Initiative for Women’s Court – Feminist Approach to Justice)
    “Women Fight Back – From Individual Psychotherapeutic Support to a Global Recognition of the Right to Reparation”
  • Hrvoje Đuran (Croatia, Ministry of the Internal Affairs, General Police Directorate, Office of the General Police Director, Department for Supervision, Procedural Advancement and Police Development)
    “Support and Protection of Victims of Sexual Violence– The Need for Cooperation between the Police and the Victim”
  • Helenca Pirnat Dragičević (Croatia, State Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia)
    “Protecting and Approaching Victims of Sexual Violence from the Perspective of the Attorney General”
  • Lana Peto Kujundžić (Croatia, County Court Zagreb)
    „Rights of Women Victims of Sexual Violence in Criminal Proceedings in the Republic of Croatia“
  • Goran Arbanas (University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče, Department for Forensic Psychiatry)
    “Institutional System for Protecting of Mental Health in Victims’ of Sexual Violence”
  • Branka Žigante Živković (Croatia, High Misdemeanour Court of Republic of Croatia, National team for Prevention and Combating Domestic Violence and Violence against Women)
    “The Success of Protection of Victims of Sexual Violence from the Point of View of Existing Croatian Legislation”