Gender Equality in the Labour Market: The role of Equality Bodies Date: Thursday – 27 June 2013 Venue: Belgian Institute for Equality between Women and Men (Rue Ernest Blérot 1, 1070 Brussels)
The seminar is aimed at senior management and experts of national equality bodies, representatives of EU institutions and agencies, other international organisations, national and European NGOs, academic and legal experts, social partners and other institutions active in the field of gender equality.
This High Level Seminar is the first event organized by Equinet following the incorporation of the work of the gender equality bodies’ network. It aims at sharing with EU level stakeholders experiences and expertise coming from equality bodies’ work on the promotion of gender equality, in particular relating to the implementation of EU legislation and policies in the field. It also aims at providing equality bodies with an overview and a platform for dialogue on EU developments concerning the fight against gender inequalities.
The Seminar strives to:
Allow an exchange between equality bodies, EU institutions and stakeholders on how to best cooperate for the promotion of gender equality and effective tackling of gender inequalities.
Present equality bodies’ experiences in the implementation of EU policies and legislation in the framework of gender equality in the labour market.
Provide a platform for discussion on key priorities, best practices and possible future developments at EU and national level.
Position Equinet and national equality bodies’ work in the field of gender equality at EU level