Men and Gender Equality

Gender equality is also a men's issue

Gender (in)equality concerns both women and men and has a strong impact on their daily lives. Historically gender equality policies have been contextualised mainly as a “women’s issue” – as women have been a driving force behind gender equality strategies and struggles.

This view has contributed to the perception that women are the only ones who will benefit from a more equal society. In reality, also men benefit from gender equality as they too face gender-specific issues such as lower life expectancy, bad health, lower education levels and rigid gender norms. It is essential that both women and men are aware of the benefits that gender equality brings to them as individuals and as members of communities and societies. It is also true that we can only succeed through the participation of both women and men.

Therefore it is important to engage more men in standing for gender equality for this is the way to bring about change. To do that it is also necessary to make men understand how gender equality is relevant for them.

Considering that within the gender equality discourse men are under-represented (they are less likely to participate in events and projects related to gender equality) EIGE recognises men as a specific target group for its work to raise their awareness of their role as partners in achieving a more gender equal society.

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White Ribbon

Violence against women is sad and shameful reality happening in all the societies of the European Union and across the globe. Although it is rooted in gender inequalities, it also exists because we, as a society and individuals, far too often let it continue un-noticed.

This must change.

Studies conducted by EIGE show that there is much work to be done at the institutional level, but also at the level of the individual.  Men at EIGE have joined the White Ribbon Campaign and they invite you to do the same.

White Ribbon Campaign is the world’s biggest campaign engaging men in fighting violence against women. Men wearing the white ribbon declare that they will never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women. They also promise to raise the issue of violence against women and to work within whichever means possible towards ending it.

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