Domain 3 – Staff organisation and procedures

This domain assesses the organisation of parliamentary staff, in terms of share and position of women and men in staff, and work-life balance measures available for them.

In parallel with women parliamentarians, female personnel in parliaments is usually fewer than male staff and is concentrated in lower positions. A gender-sensitive administrations allow both women and men to develop their capacities and potential; they implement specific measures to allow women staff members to pursue professional development and career progression, assure equal value to women’s and men’s work in similar positions, and have formal equal pay policies.

An organisational analysis can highlight the possible existence of a glass ceiling and, generally, the level of discrimination and gender inequality in a work organization. The contractual level analysis (number and gender of general directors, managers, officers) allows for the identification of vertical segregation; the professional area analysis (number and gender of staff in departments – administration, operations, human resources) could highlight horizontal segregation, i.e. women mainly positioned in certain units or departments rather than others. Assuring women’s career progression and capacities development has positive effects on the administration functioning, because it includes different perspectives and skills in the organisation’s work.

Work-life balance has been linked with better performance and higher productivity at work. Employees who benefit from flexible arrangements and supporting services are able to cope with family responsibilities while not interfering with their working tasks. This is a benefit for both employed people (and their families) and the functioning of the public administration.

Data sources: Information from the Human Resources division of parliamentary administration; organisational chart and figures of administrative and politically appointed staff; administration rules and organisational procedures; party groups procedures.