The parliament produces gender-sensitive legislation

Area 4 deals with the parliament’s output, the distinct product of which is legislation. A gender-sensitive parliament produces gender-sensitive legislation that benefits women and men and integrates their concerns into the political process and across all policy sectors. 

Area 4 addresses elements of substantive representation and assesses the extent to which the legislation produced by the parliament is gender-sensitive. The OSCE (2017b) notes that ‘The legislative process is a vital entry point for gender mainstreaming. Legislation has a direct and tangible impact on the lives of citizens, and reflects in the most direct manner the needs and priorities of various constituencies. The legislative process creates a platform for dialogue on issues that matter most in society and may foster the expression of multiple voices and perspectives. Thus, this process presents an effective vehicle for the promotion of gender equality values and principles’.

Area 4 has three domains:

The first domain relates to the general legal framework for gender equality in the country.

The second domain assesses whether and how gender equality is mainstreamed into legislative work and legislation.

The third domain measures if the parliament exercises a gender-sensitive oversight function and whether that includes the monitoring of gender equality laws and policies.