Checklist for putting the horizontal principle of gender equality into practice in Partnership Agreements

The CPR specifies that each Partnership Agreement (PA) must contain the following elements:

The selected policy objectives, indicating by which of the funds and programmes they will be pursued and a justification thereto, and where relevant, a justification for using the delivery mode of the InvestEU, taking into account relevant country-specific recommendations.

For each of the selected policy objectives referred to in point 1:

  1. a summary of the policy choices and the main results expected for each of the Funds;
  2. including where relevant, through the use of InvestEU;
  3. coordination, demarcation and complementarities between the funds;
  4. where appropriate, coordination between national and regional programmes;
  5. complementarities between the funds and other Union instruments, including L’Instrument Financier pour l’Environnement (LIFE);
  6. strategic integrated projects and strategic nature projects. 

The preliminary financial allocation from each of the funds by policy objective at national level, respecting fund-specific rules on thematic concentration.

Where relevant, the breakdown of financial resources by category of regions drawn up in accordance with Article 102(2) and the amounts of allocations proposed to be transferred between categories of regions pursuant to Article 105.

The amounts to be contributed to InvestEU by fund and by category of regions.

The list of planned programmes under the funds with the respective preliminary financial allocations by fund and the corresponding national contribution by category of regions.

A summary of the actions which the Member State concerned shall take to reinforce its administrative capacity of the implementation of the funds.