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Equal but Different A framework for integrating gender equality in Health Service Executive Policy, Planning and Service Delivery

This framework was devised jointly by the Health Service Executive (HSE), which is the State’s provider of all public health services in hospitals and communities across Ireland and the National Women’s Council of Ireland. The Framework outlines an eight-step process beginning with senior level commitment and leadership and includes gender and sex disaggregated data, assessing gender relevance and applying an a GIA, as well as monitoring, review and reporting. The intention of the HSE is to align the process of implementation with its corporate function to ensure that the gender mainstreaming approach will be embedded. It should be noted, however, that the HSE must develop a policy on gender mainstreaming and secure internal support for the strategy before the gender mainstreaming framework can be implemented.


Jane Pillinger for the National Women's Council of Ireland and the Health Service Executive


National Women's Council of Ireland