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Οδηγός Εφαρμογής του Πρότυπου Συστήματος Ένταξης της Ισότητας των Φύλων (ΣΕΙΦ) στις πολιτικές των Δήμων

Unofficial title in English: 
Guide for implementing Gender Mainstreaming System in the Municipalities.

The Guide has as an aim the promotion of gender mainstreaming in all local policies as a key objective and an integral strategy for the equality between men and women. Such processes aim to design, implement and assess equality policies so that both men and women benefit equally from all policies and actions, in all aspects of our economical, social and political life.


Agoritsa, Christina; Germotsi, Viktoria; Moschovakou, Nafsika; Papadopoulou, Vaso; Skoulas, Manos; Theleriti, Maria,


Papagiannopoulou, Matina


GSGE (General Secretariat for Gender Equality)


GSGE (General Secretariat for Gender Equality)