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Konsultacje dotyczące Strategicznych Rekomendacji na rzecz Równego Traktowania

Unofficial title in English: 
Consultations on Strategic Recommendations on Equal Treatment

Aims and objectives

The process aimed at consulting materials (problem diagnosis) and documents (draft recommendations) used as a starting point for elaborating the Strategic Recommendations for Equal Treatment with civil society and academic experts. Strategic Recommendations for Equal Treatment have been serving as basis for developing National Action Plan for Equal Treatment.

Results and impact

CSOs and academics had the opportunity to present their opinions on the draft documents and recommendations for the National Action Plan for Equal Treatment. However no information on the impact of the consultation process on the documents was provided.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment

Contact: bprt@kprm.gov.pl


The consultative process was organised within the project "Equal Treatment - a Standard of Good Governance. It included inter alia a series of seminars addressed to CSOs' experts and academics focused on: labour market, health and violence; education, access to goods and services, anti-discriminatory policy.