Germany // Methods & Tools

2. Atlas zur Gleichstellung von Frauen und Männern in Deutschland

Unofficial title in English: 
2nd Atlas on the equality between women and men in Germany

Aims and objectives

To provide sex-disaggregated data on gender (in)equalities and the implementation of gender equality provisions in Germany at Länder and municipality level based on indicators developed for that purpose

Results and impact

The indicators used in this report have proven useful for the analysis of gender inequalities in different areas of the lives of women and men in Germany.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth; Conference of the Ministers and Senators of the Länder for Gender Equality and Women's Affairs; Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Family Affairs, Women and Senior Citizens of Baden-Wuerttemberg; Federal Statistical Office



This publication provides a comprehensive collection of sex-disaggregated statistics at Länder level on 36 indicators related to four categories: 10 indicators have been developed for the analysis of each of the two thematic areas 'participation' and 'education, choice of occupation and scientific qualification'; 12 indicators are presented for the analysis of the area 'work and income'; and four indicators have been developed to analyse the area 'Lebenswelt'.