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Soolise võrdõiguslikkuse süvalaiendamise strateegia: käsiraamat

Unofficial title in English: 
Strategy of Gender Equality Mainstreaming: a Manual

Aims and objectives

The web-based manual was published by the Gender Equality Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The manual introduces the strategies, which help to improve gender equality and support the socio-economic development. It also provdes the guidelines how to implement the strategy of gender equality mainstreaming.

Results and impact

In 2008, the manual was published also in print by Estonian Women’s Associations Roundtable. The manual was a recommended but not a mandatory reading among the state departments. Apart from that, it has been distributed to all interested parties or people .

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Ministry of Social Affairs


The first part of the manual introduces theoretical positions for the analysis of gender relations and explains the most relevant terms. The second part of the manual introduces legal norms and political agreements, providing the themes associated with gender equality policies. The third part of the manual concentrates specifically on the topic of gender mainstreaming.