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Отчети за изпълнението на годишните Национални планове за насърчаване на равнопоставеността на жените и мъжете

Unofficial title in English: 
Annual reports on the execution of the yearly National Plans for Promotion of Gender Equality

Aims and objectives

The aim of the annual reports on the execution of the yearly National Plans for Promotion of Gender Equality is to observe in a structured way the implementation of the gender equality policy, as set by the National Plans. This is the only monitoring mechanism embedded in the institutional structure on gender equality in Bulgaria.

Results and impact

There are annual reports since 2008. The report for 2012 is analysed in the framework of this project. The reports seem to cover most of the points previewed in the annual plans, but the analysed report for 2012 did not follow the actions on all previewed measures from the Plan for 2012, which poses questions to the efficiency of this monitoring.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Contact: equal@mlsp.government.bg


The National Plans for Promotion of Gender Equality consist of different topics with individual action points to be executed by different actors - ministries, agencies and NGOs. The Reports have the same structure, as well as general conclusions on the success of the yearly Plan. The reports are approved by the National Council for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men with the Council of Ministers with feedback from all ministries.

Additional information

Duration: Ongoing since 2008

Periodicity: The reports are annual since 2010. They are prepared by March 31st to report on the National Plan from the previous year.