The aim of the work on good practices is to enhance the effective implementation of gender mainstreaming strategies in the EU Member States through supporting competence development on gender equality. EIGE’s Good Practices programme responds to the need of the EU stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of gender mainstreaming strategies, within sectors, organisations, institutions and administrations of the Member States for the easy access to practical information. As effective approaches to gender mainstreaming are available in the EU, it is fundamental to support knowledge building, information exchange and networking among stakeholders.

Identification of good practices is done in several steps:

  1. Identification and collection of relevant examples of methods and tools in the selected area through the process of research in all Member States;
  2. Selection and processing of practices with potential through applying criteria developed by EIGE, in cooperation with experts;
  3. Organization of a meeting to share practices with potential with practitioners in the field and to select a number of good practices;
  4. Further collection of information on the selected good practices;
  5. Dissemination of good practices through several channels:
    • Peer review for stakeholders directly involved in implementation of similar tools/methodologies; 
    • Thematic events on how to support the effective implementation of gender mainstreaming strategies and tools; 
    • Production and presentation of Good Practices through the RDC, publications, EuroGender and EIGE website.