The JHA network has an important role to play in Europe. Their work helps ensure that the EU is well equipped to deal with security, justice, fundamental rights and gender equality.

The agencies work on a wide range of important areas, including migration and border management, drug trafficking and combating organised crime, human trafficking and gender equality. Since these areas have a lot in common, the network was established to make use of the synergies and share information.

The network includes nine agencies: CEPOL, EASO, EIGE, EMCDDA, eu-LISA, Eurojust, Europol, FRA and Frontex. The JHA agencies take turns in chairing the network. EIGE is the chair in 2018.

The JHA agencies report jointly to the Council’s Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI) regarding the network’s progress and achievements. In line with this requirement, a formal report, to be endorsed by the Heads of the JHA agencies in November in Vilnius, will be presented to COSI by the end of the year.

EIGE chairs the JHA network in 2018

Digitalisation under the spotlight

In addition to a wide range of ongoing joint projects, EIGE brought digitalisation to the network’s agenda in 2018. JHA agencies will take a closer look at how digitalisation affects women and men in their respective areas of activity. A specific focus will be given to minors in the digital world.

“While chairing the network, EIGE wanted to give special focus to digitalisation, which has dramatically changed the everyday lives of both women and men. We also aim to highlight the human dimension in all other areas of the network and to bring to the surface the crucial differences of how they affect women and men”, says Virginija Langbakk, Director of EIGE.

Key meetings

1-2 March 2018 1st JHA network meeting
12 April 2018 Workshop on gender statistics
18 May 2018 Data protection meeting
14 June 2018 Prevention of sexual harassment: experience sharing among the confidential counsellors
19 June 2018 Workshop on digitalisation
20-21 June 2018 2nd JHA network meeting
17-18 July 2018 Training meeting (CEPOL)
27-28 September 2018 3rd JHA network meeting
8 October 2018 Prevention of sexual harassment: experience sharing among HR coordinators
22-23 November 2018 Heads of JHA agencies’ meeting
tbc Meeting on external dimension (FRONTEX)

Joint publications

EU Justice and Home Affairs agencies' cooperation in 2018: Final report

Maximising opportunities, minimising risks: meeting the digital challenge for girls and boys - joint paper by the JHA agencies

Further information

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Contact information

jha2018 (a) eige.europa.eu