External Evaluation of the European Institute for Gender Equality

The External Evaluation[1] of the European Institute for Gender Equality was conducted in compliance with Article 20 of EIGE’s Establishing Regulation stating ‘[...] the Institute shall commission an independent external evaluation of its achievements on the basis of terms of reference issued by the Management Board (MB) in agreement with the Commission. The evaluation shall assess the impact of the Institute on the promotion of gender equality and shall include an analysis of the synergy effects. It shall, in particular, address the possible need to modify or extend the tasks of the Institute, including the financial implications of any such modification or extension of the tasks. Such evaluation shall also examine the appropriateness of the management structure in carrying out the Institute's tasks. The evaluation shall take into account the views of stakeholders, at both Community and national level’.

The evaluation covered the period from early 2010 when EIGE gained its administrative and financial independence to late 2014 when the evaluation field work started.

[1] The annexes will be provided upon requests.