Earnings and income equality still out of reach

With a score of 82.4, the domain of money[1] improved by 0.9 points in 2019 (Figure 7). This represents continued, if slow, progress in this domain, with the score rising by only 3.3 points since 2010. Among EU member States, Luxembourg ranks first and Bulgaria last. Overall growth in the domain of money is driven by the access to financial resources subdomain, whose score has risen by 1.4 points since 2018 and by 6.3 points since 2010. Here too, Luxembourg and Bulgaria bookend the country rankings.

However, an EU-27 score of 76.9 points means that there is still much to do on women’s access to financial resources. The pace of change in the economic situation subdomain is similarly disappointing, with an increase of just 0.2 points since 2018. Here, Slovakia ranks first and Bulgaria, once more, ranks last. Alarmingly, the poverty gender gap for the EU as a whole was wider in 2019 than in 2010, by 0.4 points.

Figure 7. Scores for the domain of money and its subdomains (2019), and changes over time

Figure 8. Scores for the domain of money (2019), and changes since 2010 and 2018, by EU Member State