Digitalisation will be under the spotlight of EIGE and the network of nine EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies this year.

“While chairing the network, EIGE wanted to give special focus to digitalisation, which has dramatically changed the everyday lives of both women and men. We also aim to highlight the human dimension in all other areas of the network and to bring to the surface the crucial differences of how they affect women and men”, says Virginija Langbakk, Director of EIGE.

The JHA network has an important role to play in Europe. The work of the nine agencies helps ensure that the EU is well equipped to deal with security, justice, fundamental rights and gender equality. The agencies work on a wide range of important areas, including migration and border management, drug trafficking and combating organised crime and human trafficking. Since these areas have a lot in common, the network was established to make use of the synergies and share information.

The network has also taken a strong stance to demonstrate their shared values. In 2017, the heads of the JHA agencies signed a joint statement on zero tolerance for sexual harassment. Men Directors of the JHA agencies also signed a White Ribbon Campaign pledge to never tolerate or remain silent about violence against women and took on the role of Ambassadors for the campaign.

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