For EIGE’s Women of Europe resource pool and the “Women Inspiring Europe" Calendar 2013

On 8 March 2012, EIGE launches a new call for nominations to the Women of Europe resource pool and EIGE’s "Women Inspiring Europe" Calendar 2013.

In 2010 on 8 March, the Institute started collecting nominations for the Women of Europe resource pool which is used to highlight women’s achievements and success stories. Inspiring experiences and stories of women from this pool are published on EIGE’s website weekly.

Select women who display outstanding experiences and achievements are chosen to be portrayed in EIGE’s annual “Women Inspiring Europe” calendar. Positive feedback from key stakeholders confirms a genuine interest in and support for this unique activity. EIGE’s Director Virginija Langbakk commented: "The achievements and contributions of women in society still receive less visibility and recognition when compared to those of men. EIGE collects and promotes the interesting and unique experiences of certain European women who serve as a source of inspiration for others. In the spirit of gender equality, women’s achievements need to be placed at the forefront of societal growth."

Supporting this initiative, EIGE welcomes nominees for its Women of Europe resource pool, including candidate nominees for EIGE’s Calendar 2013. Nominees can be submitted by any EU institution, body, organisation or individual according to one of the following criteria:

  • Evidence of breaking gender stereotypes – i.e. behaving differently, acting and thinking "outside the (gender) box,"
  • Evidence of achieving recognition and visibility for her actions,
  • Evidence of supporting women (promoting, encouraging).

For each nominee a short biography and a photo should be sent to EIGE. Preferably, a written agreement should accompany the nomination, allowing EIGE use of their data in the event it should need to be made public (e.g. on EIGE’s website, in social media or in EIGE’s Calendar 2013).

While nominations for EIGE’s resource pool are received year round, Calendar candidates for 2013 need to be submitted before 1 June 2012. Deadline date extended to15 June 2012.

Nominate a Woman Inspiring Europe

For further enquiries, please contact:

Alexandrina Satnoianu

Project Manager for "Women of Europe" Resource Pool

& “Women Inspiring Europe Calendar

Tel: +370 5 239 4149


Press release in .pdf format (130KB) date of last update: 15 March 2012