Ms. Hjördis Häll (Sveriges Kvinnolobbyof), Ms. Ronja Gustafsson (Mälardalens Kvinnolobby/Tjejlobbyn), Ms. Justina Doneilaite (Ålands Fredsinstitut) and Ms. Birgitta Lindh Johansson (Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Sweden) visited the Institute on 08 October 2010, to learn more about its activities and the future plans.

Swedish NGOs visit EIGE

from the meeting with the representatives of Swedish NGOs

The current state of play of EIGE was presented, including the establishment of the Institute, its running activities and the Institute's work plan for 2011. A large part of the discussion was dedicated to the forms of cooperation between EIGE and NGOs working in the field of Gender Equality. The Visitors expressed their interest to receive more information form the Institute and possibly get involved in some of its activities, as well as their strong commitment to support EIGE's activities in the future.

The Visitors also offered the EIGE's resource center information material about the achievements of these NGOs in Sweden.