EIGE Director Carlien Scheele presenting at EIGE's Gender Equality Forum 2022

Stakeholders recognise EIGE’s unique expertise and data on gender equality. They value EIGE’s contribution to the development of gender-sensitive policies and EIGE’s Gender Equality Index continues to be the main reference for gender equality in the EU.

These are some of the key findings from EIGE’s second independent external evaluation covering the period 2015 – 2020.

With 103 interviews, more than 300 survey responses and an open public consultation, the evaluators extensively consulted with EIGE’s stakeholders on national, EU and international level as well as with EIGE’s staff. 

Questions were focused on the relevance of EIGE’s work, its effectiveness and coherence, the efficiency of the Institute and its EU-added value. The second external evaluation was carried out by PPMI, an independent evaluator.

In five case studies, the evaluators took an in-depth look at EIGE’s Gender Equality Index, Gender mainstreaming toolkits, the Experts’ Forum, administrative data collection on gender-based violence and the Gender Statistics Database.

Some of the key findings of the evaluation include:

  • EIGE is a well-functioning organisation and fulfils its mandate as set out in its founding regulation.
  • EIGE is the main source of information for comparable, high-quality data and analysis on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in the EU.
  • EIGE’s communication and cooperation with key stakeholders was assessed very positively.
  • EIGE’s support for gender mainstreaming and its provision of technical assistance are highly valued and considered relevant by its stakeholders.
  • The Institute works efficiently. However, the absence of representation of one-third of Member States in its governing body (‘Management Board’) poses a serious challenge in terms of maintaining dialogue with all EU countries.
  • Despite some progress, the utility and role of EIGE’s advisory body (‘Experts’ Forum’) remain weak.
  • To accommodate the increasing demand for technical assistance from EU and national level, the Institute needs more resources.

EIGE’s Management Board discussed the results of the external evaluation in November 2022 and agreed on recommendations for the European Commission in February 2023. These recommendations focus on:

  • Allocating sufficient and adequate financial and staffing resources to EIGE.
  • Revising the role and working methods of the Experts’ Forum.  
  • Revising the composition of the Management Board.

EIGE's second external evaluation full report (.pdf)

Letter of the Management Board to the Commission (.pdf)

Commission's letter on the recommendations of the second external evaluation of EIGE

EIGE's Management Board reply to Commission's letter on the recommendations of the second external evaluation of EIGE