Friday, 26 March 2010

European Institute for Gender Equality

Activity announcement on the "Women of Europe"

On 8th March 2010, EIGE announced the launch of an ongoing activity; the creation of its future "Women of Europe" database. EIGE encourages nominations from and about the successful 'Women of Europe'. The activity aims to highlight their achievements and success stories - as part of its efforts to disseminate information regarding positive examples of non-stereotypical roles and to publicise such success stories.

EIGE Director Virginija Langbakk, commented: "The achievements and contributions of women to the development of society today receives less recognition and visibility. The objective of this activity is to promote the success of women and their achievements"

The database will contain information about women from all over Europe who could act as a role-model and as a source of inspiration for others. The database will be used by EIGE and its stakeholders in search of realistic evidence of success in the form of testimonials, expert or speaker interventions. Over time as the activity gains momentum, the 'Women of Europe' database will become an integral part of the Institute's resource centre pooling experience and bringing recognition to their achievements.

A Woman can either participate or can be nominated based on the following:

- Evidence of breaking gender stereotypes – i.e. behaving differently, acting and thinking "outside the (gender) box";

- Evidence of achieving recognition and visibility for her actions;

- Evidence of supporting women (promoting, encouraging).

As a part of this project EIGE plans to publish a 2011 calendar: "Women Inspiring Europe". This calendar will bring to the forefront the various life stories of 12 women, their achievements and successes. Throughout 2010, the 12 women will be selected among the nominees of the 'Women of Europe' database. Candidates for the calendar should be received by July 31st, 2010.

To request further information and/or participate, please contact the following email address: womenofeurope [at] eige [dot] europa [dot] eu

For further enquiries, please contact:

Julija Zukovska, External stakeholder's network coordinator, European Institute for Gender Equality
Email: Julija [dot] Zukovska [at] eige [dot] europa [dot] eu

Tel: +370 5 2394157

George Kyriacou, Communications Officer, European Institute for Gender Equality
Email: george [dot] kyriacou [at] eige [dot] europa [dot] eu

Tel: +370 5 2394167