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  • Webinar on “The new challenges of care work in light of digitalisation and platformisation”

    This webinar is part of an ongoing series that expands upon the policy study ‘The European Strategy: A chance to ensure inclusive care for all?‘, the “Care4Care Policy Series” aims to provide a series of concise discussions. Highlighting the persisting challenges related to care policy-making, the series will put a particular emphasis on policy-oriented solutions and on their interaction with other policy fields.

  • Experts meeting on Gender-responsive and environmental evaluation for an environmental and sustainable future for all (GREENA)

    In view of the development of EIGE’s step-by-step toolkit to implement gender-responsive and environmental evaluation in the EU, the GREENA project foresees an ad hoc meeting with selected experts. The meeting aims to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities for gender-responsive evaluation in the EU and to review and test the toolkit and practical tools, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange and ensuring the effectiveness of gender-responsive approaches in environmental evaluation.