26 27 September 28, 2015




at Piazza di Lombardia








Because there are no places for opportunities

Expo 2015 was an opportunity to put the center on the theme of how to feed the

planet, creating energy for life, feed a growing population, respect for Mother

Earth, creating a model of sustainable development. In this reflection, women have a


Women are related to food, care and attention to produce it and take it on the tables.

Food is work, is the development of the territories. The food is culture and love.

This year the Global Gender Gap Report of the World Economic Forum provides the size of the gender-based inequalities in the world.

Italy comes out badly: Italy is not a country for women.

Since 2008 in our country it is very little changed, although some steps have been taken, such as political representation. The critical issues are still in serious economic gap and access to employment, even if, as highlighted in the World Economic Forum, "Women make up half of the potential talent base of a country. The competitiveness of a nation in the long term, depends significantly on how the nation educates and enhances its women. "

The silent women's movement requires us to give a central role to employment and

status of women in a national and international dimension, to 20 years from the last

World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995. It 'a categorical imperative to meet, to complete the ongoing discussions in the past few months and write specific requests to national governments and international so that we can achieve real solutions to unemployment among women, the high rates of inactivity of women, to overcome stereotyped patterns on the role of women in society.

In other countries the engine of female employment was on when they were formed "coalitions pro women" within the ruling elite (businessmen, union leaders, intellectuals) and the ruling elites. Despite the worthy efforts of some personalities and organizations in our country such a coalition does not yet exist, and for the persistence of a culture deeply sexist that because of the weakness of women's associations. Things may be changing today and the ongoing debate, twenty years after the Beijing Conference, it is a good opportunity.

Groups, associations, institutions have been urged in recent months to put in circle skills and professionalism throughout Italy and in various countries around the world, encouraging the development of contacts with European countries and international to be welcomed in Milan during the six months of Expo '.

This began during the European Semester with the organization in Rome of the States General of women, continued in recent months in all Italian regions, which will bring the voices of women in processing applications of interest to the World Conference on Women, Beijing vent ' years later, in Milan Expo.

Action Plan

The event will last for three whole days: 26-27-28 September 2015 and will consist of a plenary session, round tables and workshops to be held in parallel on the issues mentioned above, the second working group already built from the States General of women we played in Rome on 5 December 2014 and then in all the Italian regions. Simultaneously we will be organized exhibitions, short events, a literary salon and exhibitions.

The guests will be able to join a social program at Expo on Sunday afternoon.

The event is an opportunity for contact and interaction unique and unrepeatable in the world.



Sensitize groups, national and supranational organizations and public administrations in gender mainstreaming policies, encourage, support and actively support the search for solutions to the problem of female unemployment, encourage the integration of women, giving value to new corporate policies favorable to an innovative organization between the time for work and time for families.

Build effective policies to combat male violence against women: violence perpetrated on women has the same matrix of violence towards Mother Earth.

Reflect and combat early marriage.

Stimulate innovative approaches in the organization of corporate work compatible with family responsibilities in order to groped to reach the employment rate objectives set out by the EU for 2020.

Foster and encourage the presence of women in leadership positions, a key performance and business in each country.

Build a new economy in the feminine is the key issue, imagine a new model of sustainable development centered on the principles and values. Restore dignity to the work of small farmers and build local economies based on subsistence agriculture and family that respects the Earth and biodiversity.

Increase and sustain the number of women in all spheres of society and the economy, which in turn is leading engine of growth and development.

Reaching top positions without changing the identity of the woman we are at the beginning of a profound cultural revolution. A key step we are doing with young women, in a common reflection and generational change.


From Expo '2015 to Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture, to the Mediterranean and Africa.

The answer that women are bearing the crisis with their commitment to doing business is a

that delivers on the promise. You are shaping a new model of development, which should be analyzed and supported by comparisons and insights, to search for the winning solution.

We are rallying women who believe in themselves, who have a vision of

future and who are committed to achieve by combining forces. The opportunities are there, especially in sectors such as tourism, hospitality, culture, food, green economy, personal services. The manufacture must once again become a leading sector in terms of sustainability. The new business areas are real deposits of wealth.

The data tell us that women, probably, have understood this and are working to do.

And 'our duty to create the conditions to support them, with power supply of real services, support aggregation and building supply chains to trigger the process of internationalization and credit policies attentive to the needs of women-owned businesses.


















1st day September 26, 2015

9 -13 am


9 to 10.30 Plenary

Twenty years from Beijing

Isa Maggi, General State of Women

Giovanna Martelli, Councillor Policy of the Prime Minister

Lombardy Region

Rosaria Iardino, Delegate for Equal Opportunities of the Metropolitan City of Milan.

Francesca Zajczyk, City of Milan, Delegate for Equal Opportunities


Invited / and, to be confirmed:

The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

Deborah Serracchiani, President FVG

Věra jourová, European Commission

Simone Ovart, A women

Alberto D'Alessandro, Council of Europe,


Elena Gentile, MEP

Rezan Kader, High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy c / or the Holy See

Ramu Damodaran, Directorate United Nations Academic Impact

Marinella Loddo, Ice

Roberta Agostini, Chamber of Deputies

Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau,

Mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena

Mayor of Lampedusa, Giusy Nicolini

Prefect of Matera, Bellomo Antonella


Women and men who are changing the world

Invited / and, to be confirmed

Pope Francesco

Hillary Clinton

Christine Lagarde

Queen Tchelly


Carlo Petrini

Pepe Mujca

Ranja Queen of Jordan


Melinda Gates



People of Expo. The experience of women in Expo2015

A story of the role of women starting from everyday life, drawing from the pool of women who are brought into play and that they took a chance and the opportunity presented by Expo 2015.

Search in seemingly simple stories and everyday lives of unique complexity, with a thousand facets and valuable. Here are the stories:

Laura (Italy), Saule (Kazakhstan), young students,

Edith (Madagascar), Hellen (Ethiopia), entrepreneurs who come from the south part of the World,

Elena (Italy), Lee (South Korea), “women who are brought into play”,

Daniela (Hungary-Italy-China-Monaco), Pille (Latvia-Spain-Italy), women “transterritoriali”,

Marilu (Italy), Mariachiara (Italy), women “tramandatrici”.





11,30-13.00 Opening Session

Video of the International Women's House in Trieste, Nicole Leghissa


Graziella Arazzi, Philosopher, "Landscapes of labor and social constellations"

Lorella Zanardo, Journalist, "Media as a tool for active citizenship"

Linda Laura Sabbadini, Istat, "Gender Analysis for gender mainstreaming.Un categorical imperative".

Roberta Cocco

Paola Bernardi, Rector College New "Education, international relations, career opportunities."

Laura Moschini, Ossevartorio Interuniversity gender studies, "A beau ideal: Gender mainstreaming and story telling."

Amalia Ercoli Finzi, "Women and space technology"

Anna Laura Petrucci, SAD University, Riyadh, "Education Paritaria Gender"

Emanuele Bonato, invited




1st day September 26, 2015

Afternoon 14-19


hours 14-15 Award "Women who have it made"


hours 15-19 Meeting with the States General of women. The work in the Regions

Introduction Isa Maggi

Dario Ceccarelli, Observatory Economic and Social Aosta, "The data on women's labour market"

Piedmont, Silvana Neri, Francesca Alquati

Liguria, Valeria Maione

Valle d'Aosta, Stefania Notarpietro

Lombardy, Daniela Bandera, Anna Maria Gandolfi

Veneto, Franca Longo

Trentino Alto Adige, Claudia Gasperetti

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Gabriella Taddeo, Annamaria Poggioli, Chiara Cristini

Sardinia, Francesca Ena

Emilia Romagna, Roberta Bortolucci, Emanuela Vita

Brands, Paola Petrucci

Tuscany, Paola Sciocchetti

Umbria, Michela Ricolfi, Paola Cleri

Molise, Giuditta Lembo

Abruzzo, Rosaria Nelli

Campania, Giuliana Cacciapuoti, Francesca Vitelli

Puglia, Serenella Molendini

Lazio, Alida Castelli Gottardi, Loretta Campagna

Basilicata, Maria Anna Fanelli

Calabria, Amelia Crucitti, Daniela Carrozza

Sicily, Maria Andaloro

Space Apennines, Agata Cleri




2nd day September 27, 2015

9 -13 am


Picking up the thread”

The work of those who was in Beijing in 1995

Irene Giacobbe

Luisa Festa

Morena Viciani, Tuscany Region

Carmela Maietta, journalist of Il Mattino

Adriana Buffardi, former councilor Education Region Campania

Esther Basile, publicist

Augusta Masera Tognoni, Andes Milan, Judge at the Court of Milan




Beijing + 20: gendering communications for a sustainable planet and smart

Claudia Padovani, University of Padova

Graziella Rivitti, Rome

Donatella Martini, Association of Women in altitude, Milan

Cinzia Boschiero, journalist Milan

Georgeta AdamT President of Romanian Women Journalists Association / ROWL

Teresa Polimei, Cug Enea




"What Kind of finance?"


Simona Lanzoni, Pangea / RHYTHMS Ethics Committee of Bank ethics, with

Irene Van Staveren, Sustainable Finance LabFessud

Rania Antonopoulos, Alternate Minister for Combatting Unemployment, Greece

Smitha Premchander, Good Practices India

Nicoletta Dentico, Component CDA Ethics bank, resp. International fond. Lelio Basso


International cooperation to femminile.Trasferire knowledge, the multiplier effect.

Romina Nicoletti MRO Business Cooperation & Innovation Center- Prodomed with

Ambassador Nomatemba Tambo Republic of South Africa in Italy

Hon. Souad Sbai, President ACMID Moroccan Women in Italy



Women and enterprise

-The #madeinwomanmadeinitaly

- The agricultural

- The donneinexpo

An intercultural path in 8 stages inspired by women who have changed history. A virtual tour consists of 8 speeches interspersed with video walks coaching to reach the halls, in the Expo, with Elda Lettieri, President Selena, Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bulgaria, Tiziana Rubano, Vice President Northern Italy and Campania CEO Nimbus 2003 Srl A freelance journalist, Pina Sabatino, International Trainer & Coach ACC-ICF, Slavyanka Stoykova, manager Tradingbulg Ltd, Wanda Spare Councillor parity for the region Tuscany, Iacopo Braca, actor and director.







2nd day September 27, 2015

Afternoon 14-19



Women and Religions

"A roof of parchment" .The responsibilities of religions in the fate of the women, with "Women in Dialogue" Religions for Peace Italy



HOURS 14 Introduction by Franca Eckert Coen (coordinator of 'Women in Dialogue'

HOURS 14.10 Prof. Elizabeth Ruspini (AIS Coordinator section "Gender Studies" University of Milan Bicocca) "Gender and religions in Italy"

14.30 Roundtable with the representatives of "Women in Dialogue" on the topic:

"The woman: physical nourishment, spiritual nourishment"


For Christianity: Francesca Baldini (Catholic) and Adelina Bartolomei (Evangelical

Waldensian); for Judaism: Anna Coen Di Segni, for Buddhism Daniela Di Capua (Soka Gakkai); for as Baha'is Franci Paola; for Sikhism Bibi Guruinder (Witness

Spirituality and Sikh traditions); for Islam Valdete Gjoni Hinduism Lilamaya You


States General Young Women

HOURS 14-18 with Anna Calò

Meeting of the group of / the Under 30

Holdings of two classes of Liceo Virgilio, Milan, School of Gender, with Francesca Tucci, teacher


Young women, respect between generations

Paola Petrucci, talks with representatives of Aidda and Form & Action, Cultural Association, Rome from the findings by the States General Young


Transnational cooperation, youth volunteering and women paraguajane


Solange Danella, "The city that loves women"

Norma Benita Duarte, coordinator of Callescuela

Julia Cardozo, educator Callescuela

Rodrigo Gimenez former child laborer.


The feminism and democracy of knowledge: towards young women


Fiorenza Taricone, University of Cassino

Vanna Palumbo

Rose Parisi

Sabrina Ciraolo

Elena Luviso


Training and educational processes


Marilu Chiofalo Councillor City of Pisa


Francesca Puglisi, Senate

Cristina Giachi, President Education ANCI

Association "shook"

D.i.Re anti-violence centers

Giulia Selmi, University of Bologna

Irene Biemmi, University of Florence

Lucia Beltramini "The game's over"

Chiara Volpato, Bicocca University, Milan

Claudia Polo, Feeding words gender mainstreaming in school autonomy, University of Rome

Annamaria Poggioli, President CRPO Friuli Venezia Giulia


Free to choose

Arranged and early marriages

The roundtable wants to encourage reflection on the phenomenon of forced marriages and early, of which currently only know data disorganized and frammentari.Sicuramente know that one of the determinants of this practice is poverty and early marriage "often a necessity for economic survival family health and violence, education and ignorance, justice and religious traditions are some of the many facets of this issue.

L 'aspect that we face is the deep compulsion that this practice brings women, wives -bambine who can not live their natural growth and above can not be said, in the freedom of choice, the right to self-determination.

The reading of the phenomenon of early marriages and then touches the field of human rights and freedom of generational relations femminile.Vorremmo promote and share strategies for communities to protect their wives girls in daily life but also propose a recall to policy makers, of Justice, Education, Health, 'because no economy can be considered innocent looking girls brought their wives to sacrifice.


Nicoletta Mestieri, Social Services ASP Fidenza (Parma)

Rouva Savel, University Satakunta Pori Finland

Roberta Martin Desayam, Barcelona

Sociologist India

Uroginecologa hospital Italy

CAV Parma




Gender & Media, Images, Languages

- The South Wind, magazine for Italian and Italian abroad.The faces of parity in international perspective

Elena Luviso

Sabrina Ciraolo

Fiorenza Taricone

Vanna Palumbo

Rose Parisi

Alessandra Sannella

Valeria Di Nunzio

Serenella Molendini


- Fotografaredonna: Learning to read images, Femminilereale, Marisa Ulcigrai



Women, sport and training

Flora Benincaso, Antonella Cotti

Paola Ottonello, sport policy and program, European Commission DG Education and Culture


Creativity Art

Patrizia Dottori


A workshop on happiness as competence by Alessandra Lancellotti, EWMD

In the wake of "Dreams" of Akiro Kurosawa


Laboratory Greece.

A new point of view of political and economic proposition for change, solidarity and democracy.


Marcella Corsi via Skype from Brussels, Franco Manti, University of Genoa, Diego Fusaro, philosopher, invited, Laura Nanni, teacher.

Skype connection with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, University of Nicosia (Cyprus)


3rd day September 28, 2015

Morning 9-13






Introduction: Valeria Maione and Maria Pia Mannino

with the participation of the Undersecretary Teresa Bellanova


The economic cost of the exclusion

(Invited) Irene Tinagli, Chamber of Deputies, a legislative proposal,

with Alessandra Casarico, Paola Profeta, Paola Villa


Redefine the criteria for the evaluation of careers

Letizia Radoni, responsible Enhancement diversity in Bankitalia

and representatives of Italian and foreign companies virtuous


Do Syndicate

A representative of the European union with Maria Pia Mannino and representatives of CGIL, CISL, UIL and UGL


Living in company

Maria Cristina Gribaudi, Keyline Spa, Treviso



Be "autonomous"

Donatella Treu, AD Sole 24 Ore and contact Lombardy Foundation Bellisario

Sarah Pissarello

Luisella Dellepiane

Ilaria Li Vigni

Adele Ercolano, ISSD -Ateneo Regina Apostolorum


The ethics of care. The invisible work

Joan Tronto (invited), Luisella Battaglia and Franco Manti

The Moica Federcasalinghe and discuss it with Camilla Occhionerelli, Alba

Dell'Acqua, Federica Rossi Gasparrini and Marielle Helleputte



The old and new poverty

Coordinates Margherita Flaminio


Stefania Barbieri, Councillor for Equality Province of TV "The new trades, old and new poverty",

Senator Patrizia Bisinella, "Elderly assistance. A job, a duty. "

CONI president Giovanni Malago, "Economics of experiences."

Franco Vaccari, Pres, Ass. Swallow peace, "Women in peace and war: survival mechanisms".

Antonio Massocco, "The city that loves women", results related searches.

Representative ABI (provisional title), "Banking Products: Business on the Internet?"

MGSartori, "United we survive the Argentine prisons, even in poverty."

Dario Focarelli, Dir. January Ania - Utility dialogue.




Experimental laboratory reserved for men with Roberta Bortolucci


The cooperative work

by Confcooperative

Anna Manca, Liguria Confcooperative,Lavoro

Giusi Palermo, Sicily Confcooperative, policies and actions around the Mediterranean integration processes, migratory families

Claudia Gatta, Confcooperative Emilia Romagna.Imprese / start-up

Rossella Sacco, Confcooperative Lombardy. Leadership

Barbara Trebbi, Confcooperative Lombardy. Change

Alessandra Brogliatto, Confcooperative Piemonte.

Paola Bernardi, Confcooperative Piemonte. Sustainability

Elisa Rota, Confcooperative Lombardy.

Elisa Sarri, Confcooperative Tuscany.


Paritaria democracy, rating impact of gender policies

Effective democracy

Renata Kodilja, University of Udine The Cug. "The numbers of disparities"

Maria Carla Italia, "Beyond the quotas, the creation of an Observatory"

Maristella Mameli, "Participation and policy for women, the experience of the Domus Rosa"

Patrizia Giarratana, Cug Mise, invited

Antonella Ninci, Cug Inail





The gender issue in Cohesion Policy 2015 2020, mobilizing the potential human skills

Lucia Gardossi  e Enrico Tongiorgi,University of Trieste "The myth and the cost of excellence"


Women, science and knowledge

Sabina Passamonti (via Skype)

Association of Women in Science


Technological innovation

Mariella Berra, University of Turin

Fosca Nomis

Cristina Tajani, invited

Carmen Belloni president CIRSDe

Laura Orestano Social Making, Turin

Elena Carmagnani, creator and founder of OrtiAlti

Maria Grazia Filippini Insiel

Oriana Cok Pragma Group

Benedetta Gargiulo, Laby

Gabriela Apostolova, Selena Bulgaria


Social innovation and territorial

Cristini Chiara, Councillor of equal Pordenone

Francesca Zaltieri, Province of Mantova




3rd day September 28, 2015

Afternoon 14-19




Latin American women

Coordinator and Head of the Table, Women of Latin America, Alicia Erazo. CNN en Español

Ana Pedroso - CUBA

Graciela Saez - ARGENTINA

Lorena Ramirez - ECUADOR

Lucy Graciela Rojas Reischel - CHILE

Angela Roig - PERU '

Lisette Fernandez - VENEZUELA

Cecilia Gayle - COSTA RICA

Lydia Maria Mejia Meneses, Parliamentary PARLACEN (Central American Parliament, Member of the Commission and the Central American Integration Central American Commission of Women, invited




"Gender + Urban"

In the urban space, the percentage of sites devoted to women than to men is very low and implicitly transmits the message that only they are worthy of mention, that only men have helped shape history. A problem felt in the international arena so as to create the '' Association Toponomastica Female ", which produced a thorough and accurate census of all the municipalities in Italy and some reality beyond the Alps and that first place opinion Public this problem by promoting research, and exhibitions to sensitize each territory to streets, squares, gardens and urban locations, were dedicated to women to compensate for the serious disparity.


Lucia Krasovec Lucas, architect, national vice president AIDIA, adviser OAPPC Trieste


Fabiana Martini, vicesindaca of Trieste, a frontier town

Serena Pellegrino, Honorable, architect and vice president of the Environmental Commission

Eva Kail, City of Vienna, Executive Group for Construction and Technology, Urban Planning Group (by videoconference)

Marisa Fantin, architect, President OAPPC Vicenza

Lisa Borinato, architect, CNA adviser (to be confirmed)

Flavia Marzano, "Women, cities and technologies", President of the States-General of Innovation and creator of the Network Wister "

Danila Baldo, Toponomastica female



Pathways to integration and cross-border policies


Gabriella Taddeo, COMCITA: an exportable project to integrate women

Maria Teresa Bassa Poropat, President of the Province of Trieste

Sara Tonolo, "The role of the law"

Mariana Paliev, teacher and councellor, Vice President Association of Parents Romanians in Italy and cons. for education and culture Oido - International Association of Rights of persons

Christian Berezovsky (Tanasie), "On the question of the ROM"

Skype connection with Centre for Women's Studies in Zagreb

Marioara Popescu, Cons.Giuridico International Organization of Human Rights, Milan



Mediterranean women

Giuliana Cacciapuoti, the Orientale University, Naples

Melita Richter, International Women's House in Trieste

Serenella Molendini

Francesca La Forgia

Maria Ancona

Annamaria Ferretti

Terry Marinuzzi

Maria Pia Tamburlini


Women Culture


Dava Gjoka, Albania,

Ainom Maricos, Eritrea

Mame Diarra Fam, Senegal

Ana Grace Ortiz, Ecuador

Ana Bel Mayo, Philippines

Silvia Dumitrache, Romania

Amal Ahmed, Egypt


The territories


Agata Cleri, the Apennine region

Women Legambiente

Paola Petrucci, Giuditta Lembo, Adriana Celestini, the Adriatic region

Stefania Notarpietro, Valle d'Aosta

Laura Amoretti, Councillor for Equality Province of Imperia, The Sea Alps

Cooperative Cramars FVG, Women of the mountain



New welfare and Health: instrument of synergy between government,

Associations and territory for the emergence of the phenomena of violence

and as a contrast through the Gender Medicine


Antonella Gramigna, journalist


Sabrina Olives, psychotherapist, Psiconeuroimmunologa, President Anses

(Ass. Nat. Stress and Health)

Francesca Zaltieri, Vice President of the Province of Mantova. Delegation to

work, education and culture.

Daniela Gerin, Head of Projects Area Health, Health

immigrants, women and policies against violence gender and child Ass1- Triestina

Francesca Garisto, D.i.Re

Vittoria Doretti "The Code Pink, from local experience to model

Italian towards an international strategy "

Daniela Mannu, Regional Coordinator of the project "in FVG

Network Against Trafficking: emergence of the victims. Art.13 "

L.228 / 2003 "." The FVG network against trafficking: insertion

social victims. Art. 18 "

Lepa Mladjenovic, lesbian and feminist activist Serbian, and Elvira

Mujcic (in connection Skype) Rapes of war

Tatjana Tomicic, President GOAP, Anti-Violence Center of Trieste

Cristina Favati, Roberta Trucco, If not now when, Genoa "Women

violated "

Maria Andaloro, “Posto occupato”

Hon. Giovanna Martelli, Councillor of the Government to Dip. Equal Opportunities





Feed with style

Equal Opportunities Commission of the Abruzzo Region

Gemma Andreini

Feeding style is articulated in debates, conferences, workshops and cooking show that underscores the importance of proper nutrition and the adoption of healthy lifestyles, which have as prerequisite knowledge of the traditions and vocations of the different territories and their biodiversity. A treasure of inestimable value to safeguard, transmit and enhance.











September 26, 2015

“Donne che ce l'hanno fatta”

Designed by Sportello Donna and Gaia Foundation

Organization Anna Maria Gandolfi



September 26, 2015


Designed by the Woman to be, funded with the contribution of the Tuscany Region.

Curated by Maria Grazia Anatra and Publisher Giralangolo Turin


WORKSHOPS / EXHIBITIONS, program construction


Fotografaredonna. Learn to read images, Femminilereale, Marisa Ulcigrai


Lisa Castagna

A collection of posters of the States General of women

Shows at work, Toponomastica



Independent publishing, with Gabriella Musetti

Area Education / Kids Area with "The game's over," Trieste

Women entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs with the Valle d'Aosta




by Laura Amoretti


27 settembre – ore 10

Cristina Guarnieri with Pepe Mujica “La felicità al potere”,EIR


27 settembre – ore 11

Franco Vittoria, “Responsabilità.Figure e metamorfosi di un concetto,Donzelli Editore


27 settembre – ore 12

Roberta Bortolucci, “Non ho tempo da perdere.Dedicato alle donne che decidono di volersi bene”, Franco Angeli


27 settembre – ore 13

Isabel Recarraven,Cefial Ue con Mirella Ferlazzo, Ministero Sviluppo Economico, presentazione del Rapporto Foro Eurolat delle donne


28 settembre – ore 10

Fiorenza Barbero”Marisa, la prima top manager italiana” Effatà,Collana Donne toste


28 settembre – ore 10

Dizionario Biografico delle Parmigiane, a cura di Fabrizia Dalco', promosso dalla Provincia di Parma


28 settembre – ore 11

Giuseppina Tripodi, Raffaella Ranise,”Rita Levi_Montalcini.Aggiungere vita ai giorni”, Longanesi


28 settembre – ore 12

Stefania Libardo, Portami dentro di te,Albatros Edizioni


28 settembre – ore 13

Francesca M.Tucci,Margherita, Storia di violenza di genere, Edizioni Giuseppe Laterza


28 settembre – ore 14

Valeria Palumbo, L’ora delle ragazze Alfa, Fermento,collana Donne per le donne


28 settembre – ore 15

Debora Riccelli,”Nessuno mai potrà +udire la mia voce”,Nuova Palomar


28 settembre – ore 16

Francesca La Forgia “Locali per soli uomini”Viaggio nella rappresentanza di genere in Italia.Collana: Reti,Progedit Editore





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