In the context of the Spanish Presidency of the EU, the Spanish Ministry of Transport is hosting two round table discussions on women in transport with the participation of experts and representatives of various national and international, public and private organisations.

The discussions will focus on the experiences of women as transport users and transport professionals. Each round table will consist of several speakers who will answer questions from the moderator. 

In the first roundtable, participants will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by women as transport users, such as access to public transportation, safety and security, affordability, and accessibility.

EIGE's Researcher in Research and Policy Support Blandine Mollard is taking part in the first debate and presenting findings from the Gender Equality Index 2023, specifically survey data on transport patterns.

In the second roundtable participants will focus on women as transport professionals, specifically issues such as equality in positions related to transportation and infrastructure, the implementation of measures to attract female talent, or the benefits of integrating women into the profession.