Why and how to improve gender balance at all stages of the career path in Informatics (Computer Science, Computing, IT, ITC) will be the theme of the online workshop the Informatics Europe working group on Women in Informatics Research and Education (WIRE) will be organising on 28 October, 13:30-17:30, as part of the online ECSS 2020 program.

The 2020 WIRE Workshop will be divided in five interactive sessions, chaired by members of the WIRE Working Group, that will address how gender balance affects the different career levels and what are possible actions for improvement and progress. Two sessions will address the interplay of our actions with external stakeholders.

We will join together Academia, Industry and Policy (European Commission) for a fruitful debate on how these sectors can work together to inspire and promote change that can impact the access of women to higher education and their ability and prospects of leading succesfull and fulfilling careers in Informatics in Academia, Industry or other sectors.

The workshop is chaired by Erika Ábrahám, RWTH Aachen University and  Letizia Jaccheri, NTNU with contribution of the members of the WIRE Working Group.

Learn more about the Workshop schedule here

If you would like to attend the Workshop only, please send directly an email to wieneke.emans@informatics-europe.org.