On both 30 September and 1 October EIGE invites politicians, members of academia and representatives of Civil Society to join an online discussion on EIGE’s online platform EuroGender and share valuable insights and experience that will help to further promote gender equality in politics.

Despite 50 years of gender equality policy at the EU level, the Gender Equality Index reveals that the European Union is only half way towards a gender-equal society. Among six core domains included in the Gender Equality Index, the lowest score recorded was in the area of Power in decision-making. A score of only 38 was recorded at EU level – below the halfway mark for gender equality.

2014 will be an important year for politics and women in Europe.  Within a few months a new European Parliament will be elected, a new European Commission will be appointed, and various high-profile posts will need to be filled across the EU institutions. This will present an excellent opportunity for EU leaders and citizens to show that they are interested in and serious about gender equality.

You are invited to confirm your interest in participating in the online discussion by emailing info@culturalavoro.it by 27 September.

Additional information about the discussion.