In the past few years there have been numerous prominent examples of women working as agents of change; such as the Arab Spring where women have used their influence to help bring about democratic change, at great risks to themselves and their families. The objectives of this expert roundtable are not as dramatic, but are equally important. Every OSCE pS and OSCE field operation has experience of marginalized communities that live within their own isolated communities within the larger society.

Migrant, minority and Roma and Sinti communities, in particular women within these communities, face significant barriers with regard to social, economic and political integration. At this roundtable we will identify tools and mechanisms to assist women in overcoming these obstacles with a particular focus on the most vulnerable to discrimination and violence, and try to highlight encouraging policies that provide women of these communities the support, guidance and the opportunities they need to become agents of change.

Join the event for an inspiring expert roundtable on strengthening the role of women as agents of change!

Please confirm your at tendance by 27 August 2012 COB to Paulina Piotrowska Agenda and concept note wil l be provided upon request and to the registered participants .

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