A meeting of EIGE Thematic Network on Gender Training will take place in Vilnius on 23 May 2012.

It is part of EIGE’s project “Gender Training in the European Union: Mapping, Research and Stakeholder’s Engagement”.  A result of the project will be, among others, the first comprehensive EU-wide database on gender training high-quality tools, resources and trainers. It will work as a tool for improved policy implementation.

The meeting on 23 May 2012 will focus on: a review of the first project report; the presentation of a prototype database on gender training; and the design of an online discussion to exchange good practices in gender training.


The thematic network on gender training suggests making the identification of Good Practices in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of Gender Training Initiatives.

Hence, evidence-based arguments can be framed to convince policy makers on EU and Member States level of the relevance of integrating Gender Training as a main element within the broader scope of gender mainstreaming.

EIGE’s future aims are to demonstrate the effectiveness of gender training, to further enhance discussions on minimum standards and to provide a platform to facilitate knowledge transfer among trainers.